Sobriety Rocks! ?

Let’s tell the world just how much sobriety rocks.

Stamp out the stigma, and challenge the idea that sobriety is the boring option. 

Wear your sobriety with pride and rock out in these sobriety ‘band t-shirts and hoodies. 

Sober is the new rock n roll! ???

Sobriety Rocks t-shirt

Band t-shirts are cool, but have you ever stuck your rock horns in the air and proudly told the world that you’re sober AND a rock star? 

Now you can!

This is my new favourite t-shirt, I can’t wait to wear it to my next gig!

Where will you be rocking out in yours? #sobrietyrocks

Sober Rock n Roll hoodie

After the gig, when you’ve cooled down after the dancing, and the warmth created by hundreds of people all rocking out to your favourite band, you need to get warm for your journey home.

And what better way than with a lovely warm hoodie?

This black and red hoodie is printed on both sides, so you can proudly show the world that you can rock out at gigs AND stay sober, Perfect for those cold evenings, or at your favourite summer festival!

The hoodie is thick and warm inside, and will keep you cosy all the way home.



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