Treat yourself like you matter!

Because you really do!

Yes…really, you do!

You are worthy of love, care, compassion, time.

You do deserve to be treated kindly, to have your needs met.

It’s absolutely not a selfish act. It’s the most loving thing a mother can do for her children.

When you’re feeling cared for, supported and loved, you have so much more to give to those around you.

When you’re exhausted, feeling isolated and uncared for, you use up all your resources on others, and when there’s nothing left, what then?

The kids get a grouchy, irritable, unpredictable mamma. So does everyone else.

And then you feel EVEN WORSE… and so it goes on.


What have you done for yourself today?
Not for the kids. Not for your job. Not your family and friends. Not the housework.
I mean, what have you done to show yourself
  • the love you give to the kids…
  • the care you show your job…
  • the compassion you show your family and friends…
  • the time you give to your housework.
Because you deserve all those things too.


How would your life look if you had…

🤗 Less stress
🎆 More energy
🖐 Better boundaries
🤩 More joy
💪 Better overall health
How much better could you show up for your kids, your friends and family, your job?
How much happier would your kids be with a happy mamma?
They deserve that too don’t they?
It just needs to start with one small act of loving care from you to you…
And I can help with that.
For the next 30 days, I will send you one self care tip, straight to your email inbox, with some thoughts on how you could make that happen.
For 30 days, an invitation to self care.
Every day, someone reminding you that you deserve compassion.
Every day, a reminder that self care is not selfish.
Wouldn’t that be lovely?
How would your life be if you did one loving thing for yourself every day for the next 30 days?
Start right now with your very first tip delivered to your inbox right now.
You DO deserve loving, caring, self compassion….
And it would be my joy to help you do that.
Sign up now and get your first self care tip delivered to your inbox right away!

About Me

Life as a single mamma is hard… You’re on your own a lot, responsible for not just your life, but other small people who actually depend on you… and there’s no one there to share the load.
Life in recovery is hard. You’re learning to navigate a world you used to escape from. Feeling feelings you used to hide from. Becoming someone you never dreamed you could be.
Put those two together, and life is HARD.
I know, because that’s been my life.
A single mum all my adult life, apart from one brief relationship that gave me another child, and nearly broke me as it taught me that being a single Mum is a lot safer than being with the wrong person.
My recovery came unexpectedly when I learned to care for myself. To soothe my emotions instead of trying to drown them. To listen to what my body needed and give it that, instead of punishing it for existing.
I learned to recognise my wild ADHD emotional states, and find different ways to be with my anger, impatience, boredom, fear…
I learned new ways to find joy, fun, connection.
Self care is how I entered recovery.
And it is how I maintain it.


Thank you, Esther, for that beautiful breathing session. I love how simple and doable yet super effective what you teach is. It allowed me to feel very supported and connected with Gaia. My body and mind feel totally relaxed, at ease and clear so I can actually focus on what I am creating right now instead of distracting mind chatter or overwhelm.

Claudia Sasse

Founder, Breathing Spaces

Esther is dedicated to helping others with personal and professional growth. Her relentless commitment to personal development is evident throughout her practice. Simply put, Esther helps people get out of their own way and see possibility in the midst of difficulty. She is a shining example of a practitioner whose commitment to their personal progress feeds into their support of others.

Casey Bottono

Esther is a determined and caring person who has overcome many of her own challenges and is using that as a force for good to support other people through theirs. She brings colour to many situations and is a joy to be around.

Ruth Steggles

Wellbeing Coach

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