Recovery Coaching

Walking alongside you as you find your path to recovery YOUR way

Emotional management

I’ll help you find healthier way to process, manage and be with your emotions so you can learn and grow from them

Peer Support

I’ve been walking my recovery path for over 8 years, and can empathise with many of the challenges you experience, and help you navigate your path your way. 

Non judgemental accountability

I will hold you accountable, help you find strategies that work for you, and help you figure things out when it all feels too hard, without blame, shame or criticism

Cheerleading and belief

I will help you find plenty to celebrate in your recovery and cheer each small win with you. And I will always believe in you, even when you don’t believe in yourself

Goal Setting

I can help you create recovery goals, work out the steps you need to take to get you there, and cheer your success at every step!

Live the recovery that works for you with Recovery Coaching

Are you ready to embrace recovery on your terms?

Recovery is a hard path to walk alone. You need connection, empathy, peer support, accountability and encouragement. With over 8 years of continuous recovery under my belt, and a relentless belief that you are not powerless in your recovery, I am here to support you in your recovery. I know you can create a rich life of meaning and purpose in your recovery, and I am so excited to see where your journey will take you!

What Is Recovery Coaching?

Open minded peer support

I will never tell you that you ‘should’ do anything in your recovery. Your recovery pathway is entirely up to you. I know that the only recovery strategies that will work for you in the long term are the ones that work for you. I can help you work out what that is, but I will never dictate your next steps.

Strength and action focused

I 100% refute the idea that you are powerless in your addiction. You have all the power you need, you just need help to find it. I will help you identify your strengths and take actions that will take you further towards your sustainable recovery.

Accountability and support

I will never make your decisions for you, but I will hold you accountable for the ones you make for yourself. And I will be there to support and encourage you when it is hard to stay on your path. I know that sometimes recovery can feel overwhelming, and I will be there to hold space for you to get you through the hard times

A mentor and cheerleader on the path to recovery

Recovery can feel very isolating sometimes, especially if your whole life has been centred around your addiction. I have been through all the loneliness and confusion of recovery, and can help you make sense of your feelings, and help you celebrate the small wins you make along the way

How Do I know If Coaching is Right For Me?

Recovery coaching is a proven, effective way of managing your recovery. But you need to know it will be right for you. 

If this is you, then recovery coaching could be perfect for you!

You are ready to take responsibility for your recovery

A recovery coach cannot do your recovery for you. Recovery coaching isn’t about giving you the answers, it is about helping you find the answers for yourself. IF you are looking for someone to tell you what to do, then recovery coaching isn’t for you. But if you are ready to ditch the powerlessness of recovery, and take control of your own life and recovery, then a recovery coach can offer you the support and accountability you need.

You are ready to be held accountable for your actions

A recovery coach will support you with loving firmness. They will hold you accountable for your actions, your decisions, and your behaviour. A good coach will tell you the truth, and hold you to a high standard, because they know you are capable of achieving your goals

You know there is a better life waiting for you (or are willing to consider that!)

Your recovery coach will show you that a better life is possible. They will help you to set goals and dreams for your life, and work out how you can achieve them. They will hold strong belief in you even when you don’t have it for yourself, and will encourage you to aim higher in your life.

You want to find your own pathway of recovery

There is no step by step guide in recovery coaching. Your coach knows that the person who knows you best, and what will work for you, is YOU. A recovery coach may make suggestions and encourage you to explore options, but they don’t dictate a recovery pathway. They will support you as you explore your own version of recovery, and help you find what does and doesn’t work for you

You are ready to be honest and open

Yes, you can tell your Recovery Coach that you did what you agreed to even if you didn’t, but will that benefit you? Your coach isn’t there to discipline you if you make a slip up, they are there to support you, and help you more forward from it. Your coach will be honest and open with you, and you will do yourself the biggest service if you do the same.

But more than that, you have to be prepared to be honest with yourself, Have the courage to face the truth, and see how quickly life moves forward!

You are able to commit and invest in your recovery and wellbeing

If you are ready to give yourself the gift of a life of recovery, then you have to commit to it. There is work that needs to be done. And coaching is not free. I am not a 12 step mentor. This is my act of service, but I also need to pay my rent. 

Investing in your recovery tells your inner self that you value it. That you are committed. You have put your money where your mouth is, instead of in the bar, and are going to work to achieve your recovery. It takes time and commitment. I commit to giving you the very best support and coaching I can. Will you do the same for yourself?

My Approach

While I am not a therapist or counsellor, I am trauma informed, and a Yoga teacher, and can help you with tools to manage your emotions, and help you find balance and wellbeing in your recovery.

After an initial meet up to see if we are a good fit, we will work through my PEACE process. We will explore the 5 core elements of the journey to PEACE in recovery – Purpose, Energy, Awareness, Connection, Emotions

We will schedule regular meetings (in person or online, depending on location and convenience).

While I do have a process we will follow, we will always start from where you are, and each session is dictated by what you need. It is my aim to support you in exactly what you need. So we will talk through where you need support, and each session we will formulate some clear goals, and desired outcomes for you. I will be on hand to support you between sessions via email or text message, and together we will get you where you need to be.

Still Have Questions?