Christmas is on the horizon, and the shelves at supermarkets are bursting with an endless array of drinks to raise a toast to the festive season.

Supermarkets are decked out with a crazy amount of drinks, like they’re trying to tell us that the real star of Christmas is booze. I mean, really? Drinks for the office, for gifts, for Santa’s pit stop – it’s all getting a bit wild!

Christmas has become an excuse to drink and eat too much for many. Hangovers are as much a part of the festive season as Mariah Carey.

And let’s not forget about New Year’s Eve… we hype up the whole ‘New Year, New Me’ thing, only to start the year with a killer hangover and not enough sleep.

So, what if that’s not your vibe this time around?

What if you fancy a Christmas without the hangovers, the foggy memories, the extra calories, and the budget blowout?
I might not be able to do much about Mariah Carey (she’s everywhere, isn’t she?), but guess what I can do? I can help you soak up the Christmas Spirit without the spirits.

But diving into the festive season without a sip of booze? Now that can be a tad daunting, right?

What about those office dos? What’s the drink at Christmas dinner? And how on earth do you unwind when the holiday stress hits?

But picture this – getting through the festive season booze free, and actually loving it!

✨ Rocking a booze-free Christmas and New Year and loving every minute.

✨ Nailing your Christmas dinner with pride.

✨ Hitting up those parties and waking up the next day with clear-as-day memories.

✨ Having all the tools, strategies, and a kickass community to lean on when stress knocks on your door.

Here’s the fun part – all this for less than the price of your favourite holiday drink!

Come join the (sober) fun!

Join ‘Christmas Spirits without the Spirits‘ for a December loaded with fun, inspiration, support, and a bunch of like-minded folks to ride through the festive season.

Here’s the good stuff on offer:

? Daily cool tips and prompts to make your holiday extra jolly without the hangover.

? A 31-day journal to scribble down all the emotions and experiences you’re going through.

? A cozy (WhatsApp/Facebook) hangout where friendly faces are always around for a quick chat.

? Guidance and support throughout December, straight through to the New Year.

?‍? Weekly group catch-ups for laughs, support, and an epic sober Christmas party (all happening on Zoom).

Join Christmas spirit without the Spirits and let’s make this Christmas one to REMEMBER!

This ain’t some rigid course or a ‘you must do this’ program. Nope, I’ll be serving up a daily dose of helpful tips, practices, journal prompts, or other fun stuff. You choose what feels right for you – zero pressure, all the fun!

The real goal here? To give you unwavering support and a solid dose of motivation to make your sober Christmas a total win. And guess what? This group’s open right through Christmas and into New Year’s Eve!

Can you even do Christmas without booze?

I know how hard it can be to stick to this decision when everything around you is trying to get you to drink. And I’ve got you. This will be my 10th sober Christmas, and I can assure you it’s possible to do it, and have THE BEST TIME!

I get to celebrate my birthday just after Christmas too. My birthday used to begin with a savage post Boxing Day hangover, drift in a tired, grumpy blur till it was pub time, then I’d get drunk all over again, while resenting my parents for making me be born 2 days after Christmas, and the friends who were also too hungover to come out with me!

Now, I enjoy walks, zip wires, city and mountain breaks, gigs, time with loved ones, good sleep and happy gratitude for making it to another birthday!

So, what do you think?

Are you ready to shake off the shackles of the Christmas Spirits, and take on this festive adventure into sobriety?

But wait…. what’s the cost, you ask?

Well, that’s up to YOU! Think about what you’d usually splurge on holiday booze – office shindig, Boxing Day, all those drinks add up, right? Here’s your chance to make a super cool change.

So, how much is it worth to you to break free from the chains of Christmas spirits and choose a fabulously sober holiday season?

Name your price and hop on board the Christmas Spirit without the Spirits train!

Please note, I’ll need to add you to this program manually, so don’t worry if you don’t hear from me straight away. I’ll get you in as soon as I can (within what’s possible in my ADHD single mamma life). If you don’t hear from me within 24 hours, please email me at and I’ll get it sorted.

About me

I’m Esther, I’ve been sober since October 2014. Before that, I spent 20 years thinking alcohol, cigarettes and marijuana were the only things keeping me going through life’s challenges. In sobriety, I can see how much they were creating problems I didn’t need to have.

I’ve done a lot of healing and growth in sobriety, and this year, I trained to be a recovery coach, so I can help others to find the same joy in sobriety that I have found. Because far from the joyless life that so many think it is, sobriety has given me everything I ever thought I was getting from alcohol.

I have fun, and can fully experience it, be completely present to it, and remember it.

I can do much more because I don’t have to worry about how I can get home. I never make decisions on a Saturday night that Sunday me bitterly regrets (well, unless you count staying up to binge watch Schitts Creek instead of going to sleep early!).  

I can be a much better mother to my children. My youngest son has no recollection of ever seeing me drink, and finds it weird to imagine me smoking. I am healthier, happier and stronger now, at 50 years of age, than I could have dreamed of being when I was 40.

I used to think I needed alcohol in my life to deal with stress and enjoy the good times. But sobriety has given me all that and so much more.

And it would be my honour to share this sober December with you.