I’m Esther Nagle

Recovery Coach for Midlife Misfits who are sick of hangovers, and hazy boozy memories, and want to ditch the booze so they can remember the fun they have!

Helping You Rock Your Recovery ?

Recovery Coaching

Empower yourself in your recovery and healing in the way that works for you

Mental Health and Wellbeing training

Empower yourself to understand and support your own and others’ mental health needs

What Is Recovery Coaching?

Recovery Coaching is a way for you to get the support, accountability, motivation and encouragement you need to create a sustainable recovery that works for you. Recovery Coaching isn’t about telling you WHAT to do to find and maintain your recovery. It is about helping you find and walk along the right path of recovery for you. 

As your recovery coach, I will bring the lessons I have learned in my 9+ years of recovery, and my professional training to help you work through your challenges, and create a life of recovery that fills you with hope and strength.

Who Is Recovery Coaching For?

Recovery Coaching is perfect for you if you are ready to take your recovery into your hands and do the work needed to build a life that works. It is perfect for you if you know you are not powerless, and that you are able to find the recovery path that suits you. 

Recovery coaching is not for those who are looking to be told what to do. I will make suggestions and offer guidance, but the decision to act on them is yours. 

If you are looking for a partner and a guide to help you work out your next steps, then I am here for you.

How will we work together?

While I am not a therapist or counsellor, I am a professionally trained, trauma aware, recovery and embodiment coach. I am also a Yoga and meditation teacher. I will bring all my training and experience together to support you in your recovery, and can teach you tools and practices to manage your emotions, and help you find balance and wellbeing in your recovery.

After an initial meet up to see if we are a good fit, you will choose the coaching duration you want to commit to, and we will start to work out some goals.

We will schedule regular meetings (in person or online, depending on location and convenience).

Each session is dictated by what you need. It is my aim to support you in exactly what you need. So we will talk through where you need support, and formulate clear goals and desired outcomes for you. I will be on hand to support you between sessions via email or text message, and together we will get you where you need to be.

Meeting you where you are

You decide the agenda of our meetings. You decide what we are going to work on. You decide what you need.

Supported by lived experience

I have been on my own recovery path for over 8 years. I know the pitfalls and the joys of living in recovery. I am not here to tell you it will be easy, but I can tell you it is worth it!

"You had the power all along, my dear"

I believe that successful recovery comes not from admitting powerlessness, but from finding your own inner power. And I know you have it. You might not feel it at the moment, but I promise you, it’s there. And I will help you find it, and belive in you fiercely until you can believe in yourself!

Recovery on your terms

How you do your recovery is up to you. There are many ways you can approach recovery, and many pathways to support you along the way. My path was all about wellbeing and writing. Yours will be what works for you. And I am here to support you, however your recovery looks

About Me

I am on a mission to end the stigma of mental illness, addiction and recovery. I want to normalise speaking about your emotions, feeling the hard ones, and enjoying the fun ones. I want to normalise recognising trauma, and treating one another with compassion, empathy and humility. 

I want to see a world in which women don’t need to fear that they will lose their children if they ask for help with mental health or addiction. A world in which men feel safe to be vulnerable. And where we recognise that addiction and trauma are embedded into our society’s structure, and we all learn to care more for one another and break the chains of stress, trauma and addiction that bind us all. 

We all need love and support. We are all recovering from something. Let’s support one another as we do it.


 After just a few sessions together (Esther) has used her coaching skills to help me make small changes in my life that enable me to start to listen to my body whispering, and already I’ve been able to successfully face and navigate some considerable challenges that were looking as though they’d defeat me.

Helen P

Coaching client

I recently invited Esther run a wellbeing session with staff from right across our business. When we advertised the session, I wasn’t sure what take up would be. It was so popular we actually had a waiting list! In terms of the session itself, the feedback was amazing from the participants. Staff came out feeling refreshed, calmer and wanting further sessions with Esther.

Esther is authentic in her delivery, shared her own story and gave the participants some exercises to take away. It was something really different which everyone enjoyed. I am looking forward to doing more work with Esther in the future to further promote positive wellbeing in our business.

Kevin Howell

Director of Housing, Linc Cymru

Esther is the business! She has overcome huge obstacles and challenges in her own life and now shares her skills to help others. If you truly want to transform your life, then look no further.

Esther helps you to stay in the moment and to simply be! She receives my utmost respect for her achievements and I’m sure she will earn yours too.

So if you’re ready for change and to bring balance into your life, Esther is your lady. I can highly recommend her.

Yaina Samuels

Project Development Officer, Adfeiriad Recovery

I absolutely loved my session thank you. I had no idea what to expect going into it, but I felt at ease right away, and felt safe to express what was on my mind. Having had a single-mumming meltdown earlier on that day, there was much to say.

You really helped me to feel empowered and able to handle what I was experiencing which was a relief. I loved the yoga poses you taught me and actually, I use the self-care pose daily now as part of my grounding practise ?✨️ 

Sarah I

Coaching Client

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